Introducing the KiwiTreat Eco Aerated Sewage Treatment System.

Simply put, this is a high performance aerated septic tank system that is suitable for installation in most unsewered areas including rural, off-grid and holiday homes.

This aerated waste water system is built with an unwavering commitment to perfection. We believe that this system is the best of its type available.

Advantages of the KiwiTreat Eco Aerated Sewage Treatment System

  • An aeration system that quickly processes all of the effluent.
  • Equipment wear is largely reduced due to operational times being¬† only a few hours each day.
  • The degree of aeration is fully programmable.
  • Suitable for all types of disposal systems, including through effluent drip line.
  • Servicing of the system is not locked into the manufacturer of the system.
  • Any parts that may be required can be sources locally.

We believe this is the most cost effective Aerated Wastewater System available.

  • Electricity costs are typically much lower than that of other aeration systems, yet the quality of the system and the high treatment standard is not compromised.
  • It is also suitable for off the grid installation.
  • Maintenance requirements are typically very minor. No air pumps that require regular on going maintenence.

Contact us for more details and advise on this wastewater system. KiwiTreat also provide Consenting advise and consulting.

Sewage Treatment for Off-Grid and Holiday Homes

  • This system continues to operate effectively, even if it is not going to be used, over extended periods of time.
  • The working bacteria is maintained at a level where they can reach optimum operating levels very quickly again on start up.
  • Great for any home that does not have a sewer line close by, homes that can not be connected to the power grid, and holiday homes!
Water Treatment

Expect the best!

  • The best appearance
  • All round performance
  • Materials and equipment
  • Safety features
  • Range of options
  • Value for your money
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