How the System Works

The KiwiTreat system is connected to your house via a 100mm diameter sewer pipe, and a power cable for the pumps and alarm systems.

The package includes three tanks, and a drip-line which is installed into the disposal area. The treatment is done by utilising naturally occurring bacteria, which is found in all septic tanks, young and old.

KiwiTreat Eco Aerated Sewage Treatment System

The KiwiTreat Eco Aerated Sewage Treatment System

Tank 1 Septic Tank

  • Tank 1 is a typical septic tank.
  • This tank is divided into 3 working areas.
  • The first area is where the untreated sewage is received into the system, from the house. And this is where the treatment begins.
  • Fats and oils float to the surface, and remain there.
  • Inorganic material sinks to the bottom of the tank, and remain there.
  • The organic solids are broken down by the resident bacteria, and the resultant liquid passes though a partition wall to the second area.
  • The second area is the anoxic area, and here additional treatment by the same type of bacteria continues.
  • KiwiTreat also uses this area to help reduce nitrogen in the total package.
  • The third area is where a biological filter is installed.
  • Colonies of bacteria build in this filter which continue to purify the liquid passing through this area.
  • Also installed in this area is a variable flow restrictor which smooths out any large inputs into the the septic tank.

Tank 2 Aerobic Tank

  • The partially treated liquid then passes into the second (aerobic) tank.
  • This is where the treatment process becomes greatly enhanced. Another type of naturally occurring bacteria takes over the job. This bacteria requires oxygen to survive, this is done with a venturi and pump, and given the right conditions, the liquid is further purified very quickly.
  • The liquid then moves through another partition into a settling area where the last of the microscopic particles are taken out of the process.
  • By now the liquid has the appearance of clear water. When it reaches the outlet it moves into the third tank.

Tank 3 Holding Tank

Tank 3 is simply a holding tank from which the completed treatment is pumped out to the drip-line, on demand.

Drip-line is used with this system to ensure that the environmental impact to our living space is absolutely minimal.